Why We're the Best Choice

If you have a passion for fashion and aspire to turn it into a promising career, our fashion program is exactly what you need! Our program is crafted to provide you with hands-on learning experiences that will develop your skills and knowledge to excel in the fashion industry. You will learn from our experienced faculty who will guide you through various aspects of fashion design including pattern-making, sewing, and styling. In addition, you will get the opportunity to learn latest fashion & trends, which will give you practical, real-world experience and help you stand out in the industry. With our fashion program, you can take the first step towards a successful career doing what you love! 

By Sonal & Pankaj

About Us

The dynamic duo behind the brand is Sonal Daga and Pankaj Makhija. The two met each other in business school and bonded over a shared love for fashion. They nurtured a dream to open a boutique that would create luxury outfits at an affordable price. Subsequently, they became partners in life and business. A partnership that combines strengths of Sonal’s creativity and Pankaj’s business acumen. An interesting little story about the brand’s inception goes like this - in the beginning, they were only creating outfits for themselves to wear at wedding events. These outfits were super hit in their circles. Soon, attracted by the unique designs, they started receiving requests from close family members to create something similar for them. It ushered a deep dive into the world of fashion for Sonal & Pankaj. 


To be an elite institute known globally for providing the exceptional practical training to its students. To make them skilled, self-employed and also train them to every aspect of entrepreneurship to give them a global edge in the world of fashion.


"Our vision is to be the premier stitching school, providing a comprehensive education that emphasizes craftsmanship, attention to detail, and precision. We strive to create a learning environment that fosters a passion for stitching and helps students achieve mastery and confidence in their craft."